Jade and Jet

Jet and Jade

Jet and his mummy Jade are a straight up neglect case. Jet did have a little white sister, but she sadly died a day or two after arriving at the rescue. When Jade arrived she was skin and bones. Her milk had dried up, and her kittens were starving to death along with their mum. Jet was so weak he could not open his eyes.
Jade was surrendered to the rescue along with her kittens, but people don’t always make it easy. Most times they do not want to have to deliver the cats themselves; they want someone to come and pick them up and take the ‘problem’ away. So someone from the rescue has to make themselves available to drive to collect the cats, meet with a stranger who is not necessarily a nice person, and try their best to keep a level head no matter what they might be faced with.
Jet and Jade have made good progress and will be ready for adoption soon. They are a bonded pair and must be re-homed together. Jet especially needs the physical presence of Jade for his mental health.
enquiries to Millwood Cat Rescue Nottingham 0115 9235704


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