Well Meaning Mistakes

Today I met this little guy. He belonged to a gentleman who is mostly bed-ridden with illness. Each day the family of the man would come and take care of both the dog and the gentleman; feeding and walking the dog, ensuring that the he could safely stay with his master of six years. But for some reason this was not considered enough by some well-meaning folk, and the family were given a deadline to remove the dog from his master. They were not in a position to take him, so they asked for help. A tiny rescue stepped in, and a new home has been found for him.

After meeting the dog today I found him to be in excellent health, and is clearly well-loved and cared for. The bling he is wearing isn’t new, this is the attire he arrived in less than a week ago. He is a quiet and friendly boy, not at all fearful or ill-treated, so even that was not a contributing factor to his impending forced removal.

It confuses me that this situation needed to arise. Perhaps it was inevitable that the dog would need a new home, but it might have been kinder for that to happen after the gentleman had passed; living out his final days with his little canine friend. Instead he is now alone, and the dog is safe not because of those in change, but despite them. They would have had him sent to the pound.

We live in an odd old world.


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