Jade and Jet

Jet and Jade

Jet and his mummy Jade are a straight up neglect case. Jet did have a little white sister, but she sadly died a day or two after arriving at the rescue. When Jade arrived she was skin and bones. Her milk had dried up, and her kittens were starving to death along with their mum. Jet was so weak he could not open his eyes.
Jade was surrendered to the rescue along with her kittens, but people don’t always make it easy. Most times they do not want to have to deliver the cats themselves; they want someone to come and pick them up and take the ‘problem’ away. So someone from the rescue has to make themselves available to drive to collect the cats, meet with a stranger who is not necessarily a nice person, and try their best to keep a level head no matter what they might be faced with.
Jet and Jade have made good progress and will be ready for adoption soon. They are a bonded pair and must be re-homed together. Jet especially needs the physical presence of Jade for his mental health.
enquiries to Millwood Cat Rescue Nottingham 0115 9235704



Katy sept 17th

Katy is a black and white female domestic short hair. She is about 1 year old.

Katy doesn’t come from an awful yet strangely compelling story of abuse or criminal neglect. She has just simply lived her life so far as an unwanted stray. She has had two litters of kittens, but that is all behind her now. She has been de-sexed and microchipped, and is in excellent health.

With Millwood Cat Rescue, Katy has found a half-way house. She is safe, but life in a shelter is not ideal. Space is limited, and Katy is forced to live in a cage for now.

Despite this, Katy wants nothing more than kindness and attention.She likes a fuss, and is very polite about being handled. She is a beautiful gentle young cat who, because she is not a kitten and is black and white, will find it a lot harder to find a new home than some other cats in rescue. Both black cats and black and white cats take a lot longer to find new homes.

Katy will make a wonderful companion for someone one day, with a human to call her own. Maybe even a whole family of humans. Wouldn’t that be a thing?! How long that takes is up to me and you.

Katy is available for adoption from Millwood Cat Rescue in Nottingham, UK.

web: www.millwoodcatrescue.co.uk

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Millwood-Cat-Rescue-208740148812/

Millwood Cat Rescue

ginger and white 17th Sept 3

If you listen carefully, animals are always willing to talk to you. And you will hear them say things like;

‘I am cold. I’d like to be warm.’
‘I am hungry. I would like to eat.’
‘I am lonely. Will you keep me company?’

And those things sound an awful lot like the kinds of things we humans want. Animals are exactly like us. They want food, shelter and safety. They want to be able to express themselves. Sharing your life with a companion animal is just like living with a person, only without them hogging the tv remote.

Photo captured at Millwood Cat Rescue, Nottingham, UK. This little guy is approximately 4 months old and looks part oriental (siamese) with that gorgeous nose. He is currently available for adoption.

web: http://millwoodcatrescue.co.uk/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Millwood-Cat-Rescue-208740148812/

Well Meaning Mistakes

Today I met this little guy. He belonged to a gentleman who is mostly bed-ridden with illness. Each day the family of the man would come and take care of both the dog and the gentleman; feeding and walking the dog, ensuring that the he could safely stay with his master of six years. But for some reason this was not considered enough by some well-meaning folk, and the family were given a deadline to remove the dog from his master. They were not in a position to take him, so they asked for help. A tiny rescue stepped in, and a new home has been found for him.

After meeting the dog today I found him to be in excellent health, and is clearly well-loved and cared for. The bling he is wearing isn’t new, this is the attire he arrived in less than a week ago. He is a quiet and friendly boy, not at all fearful or ill-treated, so even that was not a contributing factor to his impending forced removal.

It confuses me that this situation needed to arise. Perhaps it was inevitable that the dog would need a new home, but it might have been kinder for that to happen after the gentleman had passed; living out his final days with his little canine friend. Instead he is now alone, and the dog is safe not because of those in change, but despite them. They would have had him sent to the pound.

We live in an odd old world.

Starfish Dog Rescue

In an unassuming white house across the road from a little forest in Gloucestershire, lives are being changed. In just under four years one woman and a her small team of dedicated volunteers have found loving homes for hundreds of UK and Spanish born dogs.

Walk 038

Gill Minnican has a small Spanish holiday letting business which she runs from the UK, and as a dog lover she explains it can be very difficult to reconcile the conditions Spanish animals are subjected to with her own ideals on pet ownership. It was in 2012 when Gill first visited a Spanish dog rescue, and she was completely overwhelmed by seeing at least sixty beautiful family-ready dogs who she knew would be already adopted if it were a UK shelter. But she was in Spain, and she did not yet know how well her idea of re-homing Spanish dogs in the UK would be received. That day Gill chose just two dogs to try and help, and brought them back to the UK on the EU Pet Passport scheme.

Little did Gill know that she had started something which by her own admission is more successful and special than she could ever have hoped. Gill calls the dogs she finds homes for ‘starfishes’. A trip to the Starfish Dog Rescue web site will bring you to this little poem on the home page;

As I walked along the seashore, this young boy greeted me.
He was tossing stranded starfish back into the deep blue sea.
I said “Tell me why you bother, why you waste your time this way.
There’s a million stranded starfish, does it matter anyway?”

And he said “it matters to this one – it deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one – I can’t save them all, I know.
But it matters to this one, I’ll return it to the sea.
It matters to this one, and it matters to me.”

The poem has meaning because Gill knows that she can’t save them all; though God knows she’s trying her best to save as many as she can. If you search on-line for ‘Spain dog killing station’ (not for the faint of heart) you can get a sense of what dog lovers in Spain are up against. The sheer volume of abandoned and stray dogs in Spain is overwhelming, and it would be easy to feel that whatever you tried to do, the impact would be minimal. Gill has decided to be undeterred by this, though, but not without many tears.

Walk 006

Starfish does not deal strictly with Spanish dogs. Gill will help try and home local pets in need, too. One such dog is Victor, who belonged to a local homeless man. A positive change in his owners circumstances ended the man’s homelessness, but the landlord would not welcome Victor into the house as well. Heartbreakingly, Victor was destined for the pound, until Gill stepped in. Victor now lives with a family in Wales, such is the reach of the Starfish social media.

Gill won’t just home a dog with anyone, though. Stringent home-checks are carried out by a network of volunteers across the UK. It’s sensible stuff, such as having a secure fenced yard, and a clear understanding of how much of a commitment a pet dog can be, both in time and money. Gill doesn’t want to waste your time or hers. But more than anything she wants the dogs she finds homes for to become permanent much-loved members of the family. It’s not a big ask, but it is surprising how off-key the expectations of some people can be. From wanting a dog that does not shed because they don’t want to clean up the dog hairs, to potential hopefuls looking for specific coloured pure-bred puppies (preferably house trained, thanks), Gill has heard it all.

Walk 013

The team at Starfish only really ask for one thing – that you treat your new dog as a member of the family. In the same way that you would not throw away a new child because she sleeps a lot less than you were expecting at the time of conception, so too does Gill want people to realise that owning a dog is hard work. When you adopt from Gill, you need to know that she is going to be watching over your shoulder for a while, making sure that she has entrusted one of her charges with the right kind of human guardians.

And that is what truly makes Starfish Dog Rescue special. When you adopt with them, you sign a Transfer of Care. It means that Starfish will always be responsible for the dog having a home. If the circumstances of a current custodian should sadly change, Starfish will take the dog back into foster care, and find them their next home. It is a massive commitment on behalf of Gill, and when you adopt from her, you can feel the weight of the responsibility hanging in the air. Signing the dotted line on a Starfish adoption form is no small thing. And it is working. Quite simply, you feel that you do not want to let Gill down – so you don’t. Failure is not an option.

Walk 045

Once a year Starfish organises a get-together for the dogs they have homed – a big dog walk near Gill’s home in Stroud. It is a joyful day; over fifty dogs and their humans attended the most recent event in 2015. The excitement of the big dog walk is reminiscent of the arrival days, where groups of the prepared Spanish dogs travel over to the UK with a kind man in a van, and new custodians descend on Gill’s unassuming white house across the road from a little forest in Gloucestershire.

Inside the house is pure love and joy, and a woman who will change your life forever, if you let her.

Web: www.starfishdogrescue.co.uk

Facebook: Starfish Dog Rescue and Little Starfish Spain